Photo by Synthia Bahati

After almost a year to date since I put an end to my very average fashion blog The Pursuit of Closet Happiness (real bloody original I know!), I’m very happy to be back blogging with a new perspective and different motives.

I’m quite glad that my interests have moved past fashion and expanded to areas I would consider to have a little more substance and sense. I mean I do still enjoy purchasing the latest fashion mag every now and then, but constantly doing runway reviews, #ootd and religiously reading 20+ fashion blogs every week was hardly adding anything valuable to my life.

What was valuable about The Pursuit of Closet Happiness was being able to document events in my life. That’s very much the purpose of this blog, but with much more focus on my work instead of fast fashion. If this year hadn’t been so hectic I would definitely have made the effort to document everything and all the incredible media related opportunities I got to take on.

Considering I’ve hardly had any practical experience these past three years at university, I was quite fortunate to gain and grow my radio production, television production, filming and interviewing skills all in this past year. The one skill I haven’t really exercised outside of my suffocating course work is my writing. This blog will be my starting point as apparently no one wants you to write for their publication without proof of your writing abilities.

With what I’ve learnt and the people I’ve met, I plan to make it all crossover into next year and grow so much more. I have a feeling 2017 will be the year of shamelessly promoting myself, and I think with this website and a few business cards I should be good to go.

If you’ve just happened to stumble across my site and this post, thank you and welcome! I can’t make any promises, but I can tell you that if you stick around, there will be some real nice and quality content that will be shared with you very soon. You may have to click through all the shameless self promotion first, but it will totally be here.

Please make yourself comfortable and subscribe!



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