Shakti Youth March

I attended my first ever protest/march earlier this month organised by the members of Shakti Youth in celebration of Youth Week. To say that I was impressed by what they had organised is an understatement.

The high school students who put together this march were insanely passionate, marching with pride and speaking with heart and confidence. This march was intended as a peaceful protest against all forms of discrimination, with all the speakers reflecting various issues and causes they were passionate about or what their organisation stood for.



I had been invited by Shakti Youth to speak alongside the talented teens and a few other organisations. Within my speech, I tried to highlight the importance of the youth voice, no matter how small, to connect back to one of the main themes/sayings of the march:

“Our voices count; count our voices.”

I also talked about how I wish I had a safe space like Shakti Youth to be a a part of when I was back in high school. Having an environment where you can share and exchange ideas with open minded and passionate people is something I believe is really special. I also think it’s important to have somewhere you can feel safe and not judged especially during a time that can be so isolating and confusing for young people.

I’m really looking forward to getting more involved and doing more work with Shakti Youth and others who have similar focuses on young people. ~Watch this space~.


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